Metal structures for the industry

We turn your ideas into reality


Ab B. Portin Oy manufactures and assembles metal structures for the industry. We also act as subcontractors for other manufacturers. Thanks to our solid experience, knowledge and flexibility, we can carry out even the most demanding projects from concept to finished product.

We believe in long-term customer relationships. We strive for a short runway from idea to product and the work must be carried out according to the highest of quality expectations.

Design to installation

We offer comprehensive solutions that include the entire production process, from design to finished product assembly. Naturally you can also appoint us for individual work phases such as short blasting, painting or waterjet cutting.

Quality policy

In order to maintain the high standards we aspire to each day in our work, the customer's opinion is central to all our work.

Prido industrial doors

Ab B. Portin Oy is a distributor for Swedish-made Prido industrial doors. We have worked closely with Prido for many years and can therefore quickly and easily deliver Prido's products to customers in Finland.

Bo, Jan & Gun-Britt Portin

B. Portin - a family business that continues to grow

A warm atmosphere combined with hard work. This is how you can describe B. Portin Ab, where Bo and Gun-Britt over the years have built up a company that today has 15 employees.

Since 1988, B. Portin has manufactured and assembled metal structures for the industry and acted as a subcontractor to other manufacturers. Today, the business mainly revolves around various welding work as well as manufacturing and assembly of special metal structures, primarily for the industry.

In 2000, the company received its first large individual order from Alholmens Kraft in Pietarsaari, after which the business expanded quickly. Today, the strength of the business lies largely in the broad customer base.

“We started the business in 1988 and from 1990 onwards we have worked side by side. A year later we built an industrial facility and in 1996 we became a limited liability company. Since 1998 we are based on Bergvägen in Sandsund, Pietarsaari. We have slowly but surely expanded the business and thus also the properties”, says Gun-Britt Portin.

For the Portins, the customer is always in focus, and professional knowledge is something to cherish. With that comes quality and customer satisfaction.
“We are only as good as our customers make us out to be”, says Bo Portin. Our most important measure has always been the customer’s level of satisfaction. We aim to remain a competitive company also in the future and constantly work with quality improvements.

Currently, B. Portins being a family business up for a change-of-generation, and it feels good to know that Jan Portin will take charge of the business soon. As a family run business, you have the freedom to make your own decisions fast and efficiently, which has always been the company’s strength.

“In 2022, the company has made major investments in the machine park and we look forward with confidence”, says Bo Portin. We are fortunate to have employees who have extensive experience and have worked with us for a long time. It provides a grateful stability for us as a company and of course for our customers.

"Baltic Yachts has engaged B.Portins for many years for the manufacture of steel structures needed for the production and transport of boats. Ambitious design, extraordinary quality and challenging timetable have never been issues as the collaboration has always worked flawlessly!"
"All our products are manufactured and constructed in Jakobstad. Our collaboration with B.Portin goes far back in time - we have worked with them for almost 30 years and are very satisfied”, says Kaj Nyfors. “Our projects are always tailor-made and B.Portin manufacture on the basis of the planning we do. We appreciate the high quality, flexibility and price competitiveness of B.Portin."